Tuesday 24 July 2018

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100K to see Dolphin in Lovina. Come and enjoy Dolphin in real life. You can watch them very close in the ocean. Never hesitate to contact us. Just let us know where you stay and we are going to meet you right in the hotel where you are staying. We also service snorkeling service. Life jacket, and other snorkeling equipment are already prepared and you just contact us and we will take take you to see the beauty of  underwater  view. If you are interested in fishing we are also ready to take to to the spots where you can fish and easily get fish. Fishing rod and bait are ready.
Contact us at 6281337766343. Whatsapp is also available at the number.
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restoran Kintamani  @Rp 65rb,prasmanan all u can eat,  Reservasi/Marketing:  081337766343,

Restoran Kintamani, Grand Puncaksari2.
Tempatnya nyaman, luas. Parkir luas. View gunung dan danau. Menyajikan
aneka menu dan bias menyantap makanan sampai puas. Boleh nambah berkali-kali.
Ada sup, sate ikan, sate ayam, daging sapi. Semuanya halal dan memiliki
sertifikat dari MUI. Hanya satu2nya restoran di Kintamani yang memiliki sertifikat
halalo dari MUI.
Harga hanya Rp
65.000/orang. Anak2 3-12 tahun Rp 30.000.
Pemesanan hub
081337766343/08563776704 BB= 29D9A9D0 (0=nol)
Menu antara
Appetizer :

Mixed salad, Vegetables soup, Tomato soup, Bread

Main Courses :

Steamed  rice, Fried rice, Fried noodles, Cap cay (Chinese mixed
vegetables ), Gado gado (Steam vegetables with peanut sauce ) or fried
vegetables., Fu yung hai, Fried onion, vegetables tempura, Fried fish with
sweet and sour sauce, Fried chicken with sweet and sour soy sauce/chicken
curry, Beef stroganoff, Fried potatoes, Spring roll, Chicken satay with peanut
sauce, Shrimp crackers

Desserts :

Fried banana/jack fruit, Black rice pudding/black sticky rice, Sticky rice with
pumpkins, Fruit salad, Fresh banana, Tropical fruits

Drinks ;

Hot coffee + milk, Hot Tea

Harga hanya Rp
65.000/orang. Anak2 3-12 tahun Rp 30.000.
Pemesanan hub
081337766343/08563776704 BB= 29D9A9D0 (0=nol)

Snorkeling is a fantastic
marine activity to over view the beautiful panorama of coral
colorful fishes and other unique marines life. This adventure will bring you
the exciting experience with
professional snorkeling guide who guide
you the right snorkeling spot point
. It will take about one hour to
explore and view beautiful underwater life which is completed safety equipment.
You can over view completely about the
throughout this site.

Harga Satuan:

Glass bottom boat+ Turtle Island =Rp 350.000 per 1 boat utk 10 orang

Banana Boat = Rp 90.000.

Parasailing =Rp125.000

Ski donut = Rp 100.000

Rolling Donut = Rp 100.000

jet ski with instructor = Rp 150.000.

Flying Fish = Rp 175.000

Snorkeling = Rp 275.000

Water SKI =Rp 250.000

Sea walker = Rp 350.000


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